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CA 19.9 – Pancreatic Cancer Marker,Serum

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CA 19.9 – Pancreatic Cancer Marker,Serum

CA 19.9 – Pancreatic Cancer Marker in Delhi NCR

Carbohydrate antigen or Cancer antigen 19-9 (CA 19-9) is a modified Lewis(a) blood group antigen, and has been used as a tumormarker. An increase in the assay value of CA – 19.9 is frequently found in certain types of cancer (Pancreas, Colorectal ), but also incertain non-cancerous pathologies also. The CA – 19.9 assay is used as an additional test for the prognosis & monitoring of therapy ofpatients with diagnosed malignant tumours. The CA – 19.9 assay level decreases after therapy & increases in cases of relapse, residualdisease & metastasis.
Test Parameters includes:- 1 Test

  • Test Type: Blood
  • Fasting: Fasting not mandatory
  • Reporting: Same Day (Max. by 11 PM)
  • Best & Honest Price
  • Free Home/Office Sample Collection
  • One Prick Sample Collection Policy

1,400.00 730.00

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CA 19.9 – Pancreatic Cancer Marker

CA 19.9 - Pancreatic Cancer Marker,Serum Cities and cost
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