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Ceruloplasmin test

This test is used to Check the amount of a copper-containing protein is in your blood.Test is also helpful to diagnose problems related to copper. Diseases like Wilson is a rare inherited disease that can’t be cured Ceruloplasmin blood test used to detect these types of diseases.This blood test includes 1 Test.

Ceruloplasmin rate list in Delhi NCR:

Test Name Price/Cost NABL Approved/test included
Ceruloplasmin cost in Delhi Rs. 790 / 1 Test
Ceruloplasmin test in NCR Rs. 790 / 1 Test
Ceruloplasmin test Price in Delhi NCR Rs. 790 / 1 Test
  • Test Type: Blood
  • Fasting: Fasting is mandatory
  • Reporting: Next Day
  • Best & Honest Price
  • Free Home/Office Sample Collection
  • Blood Sample

1,485.00 790.00


Ceruloplasmin is a protein build in our liver. Ceruloplasmin stores and carries the copper mineral around our body. It carries 65% to 90% of the copper found in our blood. Copper is necessary for many processes in our body. These include building strong bones and making melanin. But having too much copper in your body can be toxic.
Our liver normally takes copper from your bloodstream and insert it into ceruloplasmin proteins. The ceruloplasmin is then released into blood plasma also carries copper around our body to the tissues that need it


Ceruloplasmin Test cost in Delhi

Ceruloplasmin Test

Ceruloplasmin Test in Delhi

Ceruloplasmin Test in delhi at home. Test type: Blood | Reporting Time: Next Day | Other Relevant Test: Ceruloplasmin | Test Price: Rs. 790 | Locations: Delhi NCR Noida, Gurgaon, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, Faridabad, Chandigarh Tricity Mohali | Ceruloplasmin test cost in delhi

Ceruloplasmin Cities and cost
Best Price from NABL approved Lab
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