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Blood Culture and Sensitivity

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Blood Culture and Sensitivity

Blood Culture and Sensitivity

Blood culture is a medical test conducted by an expert in order to examine the presence of bacteria or microorganism flowing in the blood stream. The presence of these pathogens not only weakens the immune system but also disturbs the normal functioning of the organs causing infectious blood diseases- BACTEREMIA commonly known as blood poisoning. Blood Culture in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Greater Noida, NCR.

Blood Culture and Sensitivity rate list in Delhi NCR:

Test Name Price/Cost NABL Approved/test included
Blood Culture and Sensitivity cost in Delhi Rs. 695 / 1 Test
Blood Culture and Sensitivity in NCR Rs. 695 / 1 Test
Blood Culture and Sensitivity in Delhi NCR Rs. 695 / 1 Test
  • Test Type: Blood
  • Fasting: Fasting is not mandatory
  • Reporting: Seventh Day
  • Best & Honest Price
  • Free Home/Office Sample Collection
  • Blood Sample

1,100.00 695.00



Blood Culture and Sensitivity

Blood Culture and Sensitivity

Blood Culture and Sensitivity

Blood Culture and Sensitivity test in Delhi


The test enables the medical practitioner to encounter the presence of bacteria or fungi thus creating awareness about the disease. It will enable the doctor to identify the exact bacteria thus providing an accurate medicine and a proper treatment in order to enhance the immune system and curb the illness.
Streptococcus, E.coil, Enterococcus are some of the commonly known bacteria causing blood infections inside the human body.


* Nausea
* Rapid heart rate
* Restlessness and feeling tired all time
* Constant weight gain/loss


It is not very difficult to remain fit and away from these unwanted infectious diseases. All it requires is just SELF CARE. So, we help you out to remain healthy, just follow the tips given below-
i. Get a regular blood test (at least once per year) done in order to avoid any delays if any disease
ii. Maintain a schedule of a balanced diet along with daily exercising
iii. Minimize your discretionary choices
iv. Maintain cleanliness around and always wash your hand before eating
v. Keep your body updated with regular vaccinations
vi. Happiness is the best policy, stay happy always!

So, exercise to remain fit; eat healthy and good life you’ll knit!!. Be your wise soul, knit your moments happily together.

Blood c/s test price with Urine Culture and Sensitivity cost @ Rs 1049.
Blood Culture and Sensitivity in Delhi at home. Test type: Blood | Reporting Time: Seventh-Day | Other Relevant Test: Urine Culture and Sensitivity | Test Price: Rs. 695 | Locations: Delhi NCR Noida, Gurgaon, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, Faridabad, Chandigarh Tricity Mohali | Blood Culture and Sensitivity test cost in Delhi

Blood Culture and Sensitivity Cities and cost
Best Price from NABL approved Lab
Culture Blood Test Price Rs. 695
Blood and urine culture Rs. 695
Blood c/s test price Rs. 695
Blood culture and senstivity Rs. 695
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