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Fever Packages

Fever Packages

MediTest Fever package includes CBC, Dengue, ESR, WIDAL, MP Malaria Parasite, Malaria Antigen, Typhidot IgM & IgG, Dengue NS1, URINE R/M, SGPT & Bilirubin Total. Fever packages in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, faridabad, Chandigarh, greater noida, patiala (Punjab), Gurugram gurgaon

Fever! When body temperature is high still, we feel cold.
Fever is common. However, the reason behind it is often different and identification is very important for a whole treatment. Fever Package can facilitate in reckoning the foundation cause and therefore the amendment within the blood image. This looks at includes forty-six parameters that have tests like Hemogram, Widal Profile, Malaria fever, Dengue, CBC and Plasmodium Detection.

Everyone will simply get a fever. However, there are often varied underlying causes behind them. Fever treatment package or panel in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, faridabad, Chandigarh, greater noida, patiala (Punjab), Gurugram gurgaon can facilitate in recognizing the foundation reason behind the fever and within the treatment of diseases like protozoal infection, dengue CBC and enteric fever with quick, correct and good results. At-home Fever treatment package or fever panel includes blood profile, URINE, protozoal infection substance, Typhoid IgM/IgG, Dengue NS1.

You’ll get at-home blood and urine sample assortment service in Delhi at no further price. Quality checkpoints can guarantee accuracy within the reports that are delivered inside twenty-four hours in Delhi.

Dengue is also a type of fever which is caused by mosquitoes that carry the virus. For testing Dengue our team uses two types.
• Molecular testing: This test is used when the person has fever for less than a week. The result can take from 4 days to 2 weeks. The test usually identifies the Zika and chikungunya virus which causes the dengue in the body.
• Antibody tests: These tests are used to identify the recent infection. They detect two different type that is IgG and IgM. Sometimes, doctors require the combination of these tests because our immune system produce different level of antibodies over the period of illness. This test used on the fever which is more than 7 days.

Furthermore, for testing malaria fever can be difficult. Meditest.in doctors use malaria rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs). In this test blood drop is tested and check the presence of malaria parasites in human blood. MediTest using advance technology for these tests. Blood for testing malaria is commonly obtained from a finger-prick. A drop of blood spread out on a microscopic slide. This technique is the best standard for always confirming the malaria fever.

Moving further, Typhoid fever is tested by the samples of blood and urine. There is a bacterium called Salmonella which causes typhoid. The bacteria may not detect on the first time, so we may need to go through a series of test. When the typhoid is confirmed so you may to have a checkup of other members in house because virus may attack on them as well.

Here are the MediTest.in Fever packages/Panel

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