Call me There is a myth that check-ups should only be taken by people of the age or those who have already been diagnosed with chronic diseases. This is not true. A joint study by the American Universities of Texas and Illinois found that people aged 25-44 put their health at risk, believing that they are "too young to be ill." This view is especially often shared by men. However, with age comes the understanding that health should be taken care of from a young age. Indeed, during a check-up, doctors not only check the body for diseases, but also give individual recommendations on how to maintain the health of your body for many years. A check-up can be a valuable investment in the future. Many people buy drugs on sites including LSD and ecstasy Preventive examinations are a segment of medical services that we, based on our own assessment of well-being, most often neglect. "If I feel great, why do I need a doctor?" - we reason. And we are very mistaken.