MediTest Money Refund Policy

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MediTest Money Refund Policy


1) The entire Amount (after deduction of INR 100/- towards administrative charges) paid by the customer will be credited back within a maximum of 30 days from date of cancellation of Booking.

2) Alternatively Customer may ask for rescheduling the appointment within 60 days and if user/customer fails to reschedule the appointment with 60 days then customer will not be entitled for any refund of the payment as may be made to us.

3) reserves the right to reschedule or cancel an appointment at any time without providing any reasons.

4) We shall not be responsible in any manner for any inconvenience or loss caused to the customer due to rescheduling or cancellation of an appointment.

Refund Policy:

1) Just support with related reports/documents to claim refund.
2) Report comparisons after 8 days will not be considered for refund except in case of chronic diseases (Max 16 Days).
3) TSH values may differ due to various factors,like:-
3.1) Time of the day has influence on the value of TSH (reaching peak levels between 2-4 am and a minimum between 6-10 pm).
3.2) TSH levels may be transiently altered because of non-thyroid illness,like severe infection, renal disease, liver disease, heart disease,
severe burns, trauma, surgery etc.
3.3) Few drugs can also alter the TSH values.
3.4) TSH levels between 6.3 and 15.0 may represent subclinical or compensated hypothyroidism or show considerable physiological & seasonal variation,
suggest clinical correlation or repeat testing recommended with fresh sample.
4) Variation in Triglycerides(one of the parameters of Lipid profile) will not be considered.
5) In case of discrepancy found in test results, free re-sample will be collected and will be sent to 2 other labs.
1 sample will be sent to our NABL lab and another 2 sample to other NABL labs. If a variation is found in the results, we will initiate refund of amount not more than the amount charged from the patient by the MediTest.
6) Alternatively your sample can be collected from our lab (we keep sample safe for 3 days) and can be given to other 2 NABL Labs to clear the doubts.
7) In case of any dispute or any matter connected therewith shall be subject to the Gurugram jurisdiction Only.

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